SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Lead Generation with a website and CRM Combo

SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Lead Generation with a website and CRM Combo

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Lead Generation with a website and CRM Combo

Continuing our Real Estate Lead Generation ranking based on categories, we will be checking out various Website-CRM providers in this video. When I say, Website-CRM is companies that offer packages that include a real estate website alongside an integrated CRM system that lets you manage the leads you generate from the site. These types of systems typically work best for real estate teams that have multiple members. The system lets you automatically designate leads generated from your website and, depending on the CRM, can help you integrate various sales funnels into one easy to manage tool.

The first company I want to talk about is Sierra Interactive. I’ve done an hour-long in-depth review of this CRM where I break down the platform’s various features and showcase the pros and cons of the system. I’ll put a link down below if you’re interested in that review. Going back to our current video, this system is ideal for real estate teams with 50 to 100 members that require a CRM tool that can effectively manage all the leads you’re generating from your various marketing funnels. One of the reasons I ranked this tool at the top is how user-friendly it is in terms of working alongside other CRM systems. For example, let’s say you have an existing CRM that has a lot of notes or search history connected to a specific lead, and you want to transfer that over to a new CRM. Many real estate CRMs will struggle to provide that functionality because they just don’t have that feature installed in their system. Sierra Interactive is the best at gathering up all the lead data you have into one easy-to-use system you can integrate for your entire team, which is why in my opinion, puts them on top of the list.

The second system we have is Boomtown, which is a well-established Website-CRM combination that offers a reliable system for their clients. Granted, they have not kept up with sophistication compared to platforms such as Sierra Interactive or Commissions Inc. The best way to leverage this system is for teams that want to send out highly personalized messages to their leads. The platform allows you to identify key search history updates of a lead. For example, if they look at ten properties recently, you get that information to your team. In my opinion, this is the best way to leverage the power of the system, but most users I’ve talked to with the platform aren’t fully utilizing this functionality. The system also has limitations in automation, which is a major con, especially compared to other CRMs. If you want to learn more about a system, I made a video review of the platform, which showcases everything you need to know about the platform.

The third company on this list is Commissions Inc, one of the most familiar platforms. I’ve probably ranked them number three because I know the system’s ins and outs and understand their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve done a comparison review between Commissions Inc and Ylopo in the past and understand clear instances where the first two on this least perform better. One of the things that Commissions Inc does better, though, is the number of filter options they have for your leads. Let’s say you have a lender partner that pays a portion of your ad budget for a particular sales funnel, and you want all leads from that funnel to go directly to that partner. You can allocate a specific filter for leads generated there and automatically have them sent over to your lender. One con to consider for Commissions Inc is pricing as they’re not really flexible with their terms. This means as your teams get larger and larger, your expenses will go up as well.

Real Geeks is the most affordable of the platforms I’m going to showcase on this video coming in at $200 a month. This is the perfect budget-friendly option for small teams looking at a CRM for their business. This is perfect for those who are looking to just dip their toe on a CRM tool without having to invest thousands of dollars. Although they are lacking in certain features when compared to the other website-CRM providers, the low cost makes them relatively attractive to certain real estate professionals. I’ve done a comparison guide for Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks in the past, and it would be a perfect read for those looking to learn more about the platform.

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