SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Introduction to "Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Ranke

SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Introduction to "Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Ranke

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Introduction to "Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Ranke

This video is a detailed introduction of a new content campaign I’ve created to rank twelve of the top real estate lead generation platforms based on category. What I mean by category is the specific niche of services that they provide when compared to other platforms. Categories include companies with a website, companies with a CRM-website combo, PPC, Facebook, SEO, Long-term ROI, Short term ROI, Cost of Acquisition, and more. This set of videos are specifically designed to help shorten the shopping process for those looking at a real estate lead generation system for their business. I’ve consulted with many clients in the past, and one of the most frustrating things about looking for a system that would work for your business is everyone says they offer everything. The problem is most of the time, these providers tend to have different focuses and specializations. You as a consumer might say you want something that does well in terms of pay-per-click, and they’ll say they do that, but it isn’t really the strong point of their product. The next set of videos included on this playlist will leverage all of my years of experience working with the many top lead generation systems so that you don’t have to waste time looking for one that works for you.

0:00 Real Estate Lead Generation Platform Ranking Content Introduction
0:39 Companies Included
1:15 Ranking Categories
1:55 My Criteria for including a Company
5:11 Why I Create a Ranking Review based on Categories?

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