Estate Agents Tips: Pros & Cons Of Being A Real-Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tips: Pros & Cons Of Being A Real-Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: Pros & Cons Of Being A Real-Estate Agent

The pro and cons of being a real-estate agent can be the deciding factor of choosing a real-estate agent career. Many ask “What is it like to be a real-estate agent and/or realtor?” and in this video I describe some of the good and bad things about being a career as a real-estate agent.

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16 Replies to “Estate Agents Tips: Pros & Cons Of Being A Real-Estate Agent”

  1. Im in college and a sophomore, Im 20 years old and Im majoring in finance rn and I want to be a commercial real estate manager. What are the necessary steps to become a commercial real estate manager?

  2. This may be a silly question but… do being a real estate agent working for your self require a huge investment for properties or how do it work?

  3. Hey I just graduated high school and I'm one of those people who has no idea What I wanted to do for a career and i dont wanna go to College not knowing what I wanna do.. But I always loved watching the shows with people hunting for a new homes and doing fixer uppers and stuff like that . so been thinking and googling ( A lot of Googling ) about being in the real estate business and so my question to you is the real estate a good career to have?

  4. Hey there! just need your opinion on something. Real estate sounds like
    fun, but I have a few concerns. I'm at a unique stage of my life where i
    would like to cultivate more friends, build a social life; and also
    improve my sleep. Will being a real estate agent interfer with these
    goals? or conversely, would it help? I just have this image of high
    stress, working overtime – meaning no time for any social life. Thanks
    so much & have a great day!

  5. Hey Teddy,
    For about 6 months now, I've been thinking about getting into the Real Estate business. Just wanted to say I watch all your videos and follow you on Twitter, and your advice is always super helpful. Thanks for making these videos!

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