Estate Agents Tips: Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent

Estate Agents Tips: Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent

Estate Agents Tip: Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent

Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent. Considering a career in real estate? Listen as Susan Milner discussing both pros and cons associated with being a real estate agent. Interesting in joining our real estate brokerage in SW Florida? Visit us at for more information. Or call us at 239.542.8521.

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24 Replies to “Estate Agents Tips: Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent”

  1. I'm seriously looking into it. This has helped alot. I've been in the restaurant industry for the past 15 years and I'm just over it. I just got a job offer to be an agent's assistant and I know nothing about real estate. But I think I'm going to take it as a foot in the door while I take my courses. Ill still also be working in the restaurant waiting tables until I can finish my courses and transfer over completely

  2. Hey ik this video is old but what do you think about brightwood i live in California and am thinking about taking a live class im 18 and also i love the honestly in this video

  3. i am gonna shifting in canada a year later , i want to work as a real estate agent and be successful like u but my parents say it will be difficult as iam moving in new enviorment he says what i all need is study B Tech in university and then do whatever u feel like but i want earn a million in my early age pla help me regarding this iam so confused!!! Plz
    another ques should i do part time real estate and save up the money and paying of my university fee then wait for 4 years to complt my graduation and be a full time real eastate agent would this help me in making a gud amount of money in future so that i can make my dream come truu by making a ton of money i ready to give all hard work blood and sweat whatever it takes….

  4. heres where you are full of shit, nobody is in this to help people. thats why people go train to be a case worker. tell that pile of bs to your bosses and watch them fall out of their chair laughing.

  5. Great video! I’m thinking of becoming a realtor after being laid off for the 2nd time and was wondering how to pick a company to work for. There’s so many and I know commissions are different and was wondering what would be the best option.

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