Business Tips: Who Are You Scared of Letting Down? | Gary Vaynerchuk

Business Tips: Who Are You Scared of Letting Down? | Gary Vaynerchuk

Awesome Tip: Who Are You Scared of Letting Down? | Gary Vaynerchuk

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35 Replies to “Business Tips: Who Are You Scared of Letting Down? | Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. How this only have 8K views is strange to me because its legit. I know the feeling, and a while ago, that person died I just brought something that I was doing to them and he said, if you do this, then do it. They are gone now, but now it about legacy and not opinions of others but respecting the blessing and going for it. Share it with one person please cause I talk about this to my close friends who are going for it too.

  2. Just happen to search for your thought about people look down to you ,its insane what you say in 2018 is the same with what you said in 2015 gary…….i think i really need to IDGAF about what people opinion on my L. Been follow your talk since mid early 2017 and and its insane what things you said is almost the same. Thanks bro ! need that

  3. Well sure that's great and all but, at the end of the day that message won't get across to everyone. You can sit down with mom/dad/whomever and talk all you like but, there's a very realistic possibility that they'll still think you're a dumbass for pursuing what it is you want to pursue. So isn't the real answer to distance yourself from those type of people who you feel are holding you back? To just put yourself in a situation where the only person left to let down is yourself?

  4. When I realised that i wasn't pursuing my dreams or life goals, It made me literally sick to my stomach. I started watching the people that #settled  I watch people get excited about a check that was already gone before they had it. I made the decision before I retired last year @ 26 to start several businesses. To fail over and over again. I am truly happy now. I wake up doing whatever my heart desires. Just know your day job is temporary if you follow your heart and life purpose. Do not be distracted by the noise.

  5. On a serious note…

    That's some insightful shit. To take something like failure and make the comment that, you're not afraid of failing itself but failing a role model in your life; I never would have made that assumption but it's 100% true.

    Well played Mr. Vaynerchuk, well played.

  6. I read the Medium piece after seeing a notification on my FB, then watched it here from the link on Medium. This one goes deep so Imma have to think about that tonight. Thanks for giving me something to think about after work.

  7. I've been following you since jab jab, and crush it and it's funny how that answer is more relevant for me. Love the flippin rawness, and the analogy at the end, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person boss!!!

  8. How do you balance the idea of, "Not giving a $hit about what anybody else thinks" and the negative/self-absorbed/inconsiderate/narcissistic connotations that can give off with the idea of caring so much about what people think? Do you understand the juxtaposition I am saying here? It's kind of like I don't want to let people's opinions of me matter (because they are not me), but I also want people to know I do care intensely about their opinions, beg sometimes for feedback (positive or negative), etc.

  9. @Gary Vaynerchuk  you hit me with this one. Im always afraid of failing and thats why i don't get my content out there, because i want to get better and as a photographer I've come to realize ill never be good enough, there will always be something i could change. Hi from Puerto Rico. #keepupthehustle

  10. I had to do that recently. I started with my parents, knowing that it would be hard but not as hard as telling my boyfriend. They handled it well and TOLD me to go for it because I should be happy and do what I enjoy even if I don't get rich doing it. It was so hard for me to confess to my boyfriend, however, that I did it when I was crying and drunk because I was so afraid of his reaction. He is very practical and less of a risk taker, and although I didn't want this to scare him away, I told him that I know where I'm headed and needed to know if he was going to be beside me through the ups and downs or if he was going to be scared off. He just nodded and said okay, that he would support me in this decision. I want to really stress to him that I'm serious about this, so he knows it wasn't just a drunken rant. So this weekend I will be completely sober and reaffirm my position. At least I came to him under stupid circumstances (ie being drunk) and opened the door to communication. Despite not having 100% clarity on where he truly stands, I have started my hustle this week, and I won't stop regardless. The only real way people will know that I am serious is to start hustling and demonstrate my determination through my actions.

  11. I enjoyed hearing someone ask you a question in person. I'd say that you could keep these sorts of videos going, along with your usual ones. It makes you feel even more human than you already are! Nothing better than seeing you connect with someone like this

  12. I thought the question was directed to you GV. I have to say I'm now going to sit here thinking about this question all night. That was some deep sh*t before going to bed tonight. thanks again for all you do.

  13. No college after High school, school just isn't- just no. not even because of my vemma leaders just my choice.
    Parents aren't supporting, I get it.
    Vemma Is gonna be my vehicle. How much do I want? A LOT. and thats what matters because its my passion. LETS GO. But thank you gary for addressing the issue I have because I'm scared of just failing infront of them because of how entrepreneurship is but as long as I know I'll win in the end . I'm good. Watch you everyday man thanks for the value you bring to the table! #Future7FigureEarner

  14. I just realised that I've been feeling like that my whole life, about EVERYTHING. Only recently have I begun to adopt Gary's attitude and it is incredibly liberating. I threw my life around, took a shot in the dark and it's the best decision I've ever made. I'm ready to work my ass off, get the satisfaction of a job well done, see the world, and get. shit. done.

    I'm finally doing something with my life and it feels great. It's gonna be the most exhausting thing I've ever embarked on, but I feel more alive just thinking about it!

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